The Freedom to Change
Take control over your Web site with easy-to-use Web based content management applications. PurMedia has created this suite of tools that talk your Web site's language and give you the power to manage site content through any internet outlet.

A password-protected administration area allows you to easily add, edit, delete, or archive the content on your Web site in seconds. Access controls allow the site owner to decide when, where, by whom, and how often the site is changed.

These applications are tools that were designed with your site in mind. They integrate easily into almost any Web site design, no matter where they are hosted, and their modular design makes it easy to start with just one or two and build onto as your business needs grow. Choose only what's right for your business, right now.

From simple content management to complex project management these applications are built to save money and save time.

Events Calendar
A calendar, displayed in monthly view, customized to the Web site's design. Each date is linked to a description page, where you can upload images and add or edit content. You will have the ability to add, edit, delete and archive events pertaining to each day through the Administration Area. Site visitors have the option of viewing the list of events in a daily or monthly format.

Press Release
You will have the ability to add, delete and archive content in the press release application, along with the ability to preview content in an exact representation of what it would look like when it is live on the Web site. Press releases will be submitted through a user-friendly submission window, with the option to upload a fixed-size photograph and associate each release with a title, location, date, lead in and the option to set up multiple contact names on the release for a user to get more information.

The module will store a master list of articles that have been submitted, with the option to archive or delete releases. The user will be able to view the releases in reverse chronological order, with the ability to browse the archive files for older content.

Job Posting
You will have the ability to add, edit, delete and archive job postings through a user-friendly submission window within the Administration Area. The Job Posting Application will generate and display any current job opportunities and information that is pertinent to each opening. Applicants can apply online and submit their resume via your Web site.

Store Locator
Show visitors the way to your locations. When they enter their zip code or area code the closest stores are shown with contact information, a map and driving directions. Update, add, delete, and archive members of your list at any time.

With this application, you can add, edit, delete, and archive third party links and descriptions, which will appear on a specified page of their Web site.

A very effective way to increase traffic to your Web site is to run promotions on the Web site. PurMedia can build a customized application that will allow the client to upload a graphic representing the current promotion running, with the option to include a detail page describing that particular promotion's rules and regulations.

One of the ways you can capture consumer information from this is by having them fill out a generic form to register for the promotion. You will be able to track which individuals signed up for each promotion and all of that information will be categorized within the database for future marketing efforts. On the Web site, you can chose to have a section dedicated to promotions or have a continuous window that appears on various or all pages throughout the Web site.

Access Application
Included with any of our Web applications is an Access Application, where the site administrator can create additional users and appoint individual permissions. He/She can control who has permission to view the Admin Area, make changes to specific areas of the Web site, and assign new usernames and passwords.

Custom Applications
PurMedia also creates custom solutions tailored to fit any business.
Please contact us for more details.